September 30, 2010

Things I Loved - September

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TreSemme Dry Shampoo

How on Earth did I not know about this fantastic invention?  I am a habitual daily shampooer, and it just takes up so much time to shampoo, blow dry and straighten.  But for years, that's been my daily morning routine. 

This week I discovered this awesome gem of a blog That's So Cuegly.  She had a post about how to properly use dry shampoo so I thought I'd give it a whirl.  Wow!  I'm so glad I did. 

Pretzel M&Ms

Yummy!  I love M&M's and I love pretzels. 
It's probably not the best idea that I tried these because now I can't get enough of them. Certificates

How can you not love spending $1 to get a $10 restaurant gift certificate?!  I love to buy these for restaurants in our area - it's a great way to try a local place for cheap.

Today they're offering 90% off the $10 certificates.  Just use the coupon code WOW when you checkout at!

Sweet Leaf Green Mint & Honey Green Tea

Mr. Crafty has been on a major tea kick lately.  He started buying these yummy Sweet Teas and has me hooked.  My favorite is the Mint & Honey Green Tea.  It's just the right amount of sweet - especially for someone that doens't like sweet tea - and perfectly refreshing. 

We also discovered our local Target sells the 64 oz. size for only $2.00.  Now that's a price I can swallow!

September 28, 2010

Pursenickety Giveaway!

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For those of you that know me in real life, you know that no matter what I'm wearing I'm always carrying a cute bag.  Whether it's a designer, handmade or something I picked up at good ole Tarjay - I love my bags!

I came across Pursenickety a while ago and loved loved loved their handbags.  They have the most adorable, stylish bags and jewelry. 

So, you can probably imagine my giddy-ness when I saw that my new friends over at Envy My Cooking are hosting a Pursenickety giveaway!  Wahoo!

Good Luck!

September 20, 2010

SHAPE Discount

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Who doesn't love opening the mailbox to find a new magazine inside?  

I subscribe to several different mags to take to the gym and read while sweating on the treadmill. has a great deal for SHAPE magazine - perfect for treadmill reading!

When checking out, use coupon code SHAPE to get a year subscription for just $2.99.  That's a savings of $21.00! 

September 15, 2010


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Like the new look?  I certainly do! 

My friend over at Sugar Pop Ribbons hosted a giveaway offering a full blog makeover.  Guess who won?  Moi!  So Laura Jane whipped up a fancy new blog for me!  She was awesome to work with and I will definitely be going back for all my blog changes in the future - I highly recommend her! 

Hopefully this inspires me to get back to blogging.  So long as that little thing called life doesn't interfere.