May 29, 2012

3 Months Old

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My boy is already 3 months old.  My, where has the time gone?  It feels like just yesterday he was a tiny little bean snuggled up on my chest.  Now he is a busy little guy, giggling and cooing at the sound of my voice.

To get me through the last few months there have been a few products that were absolute lifesavers.

We love the Summer Infant SwaddleMe blankets.  PJ loves to be swaddled and he sleeps soooo much better when he's snug in his swaddle.  And being the frugal mama I am, I was able to find these at consignment sales for about $2 each.  Score!

The Rock n Play sleeper was highly recommended when I was pregnant.  I was so glad we invested in one.  During his first few weeks PJ slept in the Rock n Play next to the bed and I could easily reach over and check on him.  Being cuddled up in the confined environment helped him sleep better, plus being inclined help with his hiccups and spit up.  I bought mine on Craigslist and had hardly been used.  Plus, it's very easy to completely take apart and wash.  Great for the mama of a pukey baby like mine.

Our most favorite product, by far, is the Homedics SoundSpa.  This magic machine has 3 different songs, plus 3 nature sounds.  Our favorite part, though, is the projection.  There are 3 different discs included that project rotating images on the wall or ceiling.  Once we lay PJ down and turn on his "show" he stares at it and coos until he falls asleep.  He also loves the Rock a Bye Baby song and instantly settles down when we turn it on.

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