June 2, 2010

Our Office Renovation

Pin It Now! We have a tiny house.  When I say tiny, I mean tiny.  Our house is 833 square feet.  Yikes!  So every square foot has to be completely functional and all of our furniture is dual purpose. 

Our office {2nd bedroom} has been a huge problem.  It's that black hole of a room that collects everything.  Mr. Crafty uses his computer in there, but other than that it's a huge waste of space.  In our house, we can't have that!

I have decided to renovate within the next few weeks!  Finally.  I found the perfect solution and I hope that it can combine his much-needed office space with my need for a sewing area. 

You like? 

I used Floor Planner to create my new floor plan. I LOVE this site. You can create room renderings in 2D and 3D, export and print your creations.

The left wall will be lined with Expedit Bookshelves from Ikea.
We also plan to use the desks that attach to the bookshelves. 

Do you have a tiny house design dilemma?  What space savers do you use to maintain peace and sanity? 

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  1. Our house is about that size - ugh! although we have a 3 bedroom. I'll have to check out that site!