December 10, 2009

Christmas Memories

Pin It Now! Christmas was always a big celebration growing up.  We decorated every inch of the house with big gold bows and garland.  Purchasing our Christmas tree was always exciting.  We'd head over to our local Target and pick a tree out of the garden center.  Okay, not so exciting I admit, but there aren't many forests in Southern California.  

We baked Christmas cookies and wrapped them in cellophane on decorative Christmas plates for all our neighbors.  My sister and I would walk to all the neighbors and give them their freshly baked, decorated cookies.  On Christmas Eve we would cook a huge dinner and invite the entire family over.  After our Christmas Eve dinner the adults would sit and sip their coffee while trying to ignore all of us kids begging to open gifts. 

One of our favorite gifts would be the snuggly pajamas my mom would wrap for us.  She lovingly picked them out, knowing we would snuggle into bed with visions of sugar plums dancing in our heads.  As soon as our company left we'd dash upstairs and put on our new jammies and tuck into bed, looking forward to Santa's visit.  

The dinner was always good, we enjoyed the family and appreciated the gifts.  But my favorite memory of Christmas was always the snuggly warm pajamas we'd nestle into bed wearing.  Husband and I have decided to continue the tradition with giving each other pajamas to wear Christmas Eve.  When we have children I will lovingly pick them out a pair of warm snuggly pj's and place them under the tree, so they can await Santa's arrival cozily in bed.  

What's your favorite Christmas memory?  Link it to The Chick Momma's link party!  

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  1. Thanks for participating! My favorite memory and current tradition is PJ's. The girls always get matching sets, the kids get there own matching sets, it is always fun to take that picture christmas morning. Great memories!

  2. What a wonderful tradition. :-) My parents did the same thing for us and we have started doing it with our son, too. I love getting new pj's on Christmas Eve.

  3. My favorite memories of my grandmother and Christmas Eve dinner at her house. Everything was always so delicious & she made the best pies. She was always so loving and warm - I wish my kids would have been able to meet her. I will always think of her at Christmas ~ her birthday was December 26. Merry Christmas to you, SITSta!

  4. My parents used to put a present at the bottom of our bed on Christmas Eve while we slept--usually PJs.

    Visiting from SITS. Merry Christmas!

  5. I love warm pajamas too. This year I got my son moose pajamas for Christmas. He looks so cute in them.