December 9, 2009

DIY Christmas Cards

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I can't believe there's only 15 days until Christmas!  Where, oh where did the time go?  If you're like me, I really like making handmade cards and gifts for family.  All of the family members I send gifts to have everything, so they really appreciate the time and thought that went into the gifts and cards they receive.  

This year I decided to go with a snowflake "theme" for my cards.  I love red and light blue, and I could incorporate those colors on this cute little card.  These cards turned out so great, and are super easy to make.  Your family and friends will appreciate a handmade card from you this year!

Supplies Needed:

Patterned paper - I picked a colorful snowflake scrapbooking paper
Note cards
Scalloped scissors
Mini Pop Dots
Die-cut snowflakes - I don't have a die cutter, but my local Craft Warehouse has a die        cutting machine that is free to use when you purchase paper

I started with blank notecards from Craft Warehouse.  I used some white notecards, and some red.  I definitely prefer the red.  

From the patterned paper, I cut out a little rectangle about 1/4" to 1/2" smaller than the front of the note card.  For this I used scalloped scissors.  

I attached the rectangle to the front of the card with eyelets.  I chose to alternate between light blue, green and red for the different cards.  You can also use brads or glue.  { If you've never used eyelets, I highly recommend them!  They add a classy touch to any project and come in tons of shapes and colors. }

Attach the die-cut snowflake to the center of the front of the card.  For this I used mini pop dots and attached them to each "leg" of the snowflake to give it a 3-d effect.  I also attached a rhinestone to the center of the snowflake.


  1. those are so cute! makes me want to run to the store and pick some up!

  2. Adorable. Thanks for sharing.

    You have much more motivation than I. I like making cards, but making 150 of them by hand is quite daunting. =)