December 1, 2010


Pin It Now! I have a confession... 

I like Uggs.  Like, I really really like them.  I always thought my sister was ridiculous for wearing them six months out of the year in Southern California.  Until she had me try them on.  At that moment I fell in love with the cushiony-softness.  Yep. 

I live in Oregon, where it can get really cold.  Over the last few weeks we've had temperatures in the teens.  Yikes!  You can bet I was wishing I had on some of these bad boys to warm my popsicle-toes.

I really love this tan color...  

Don't they just make your cold feel happy, too?  Well, I have a surprise for you!  

If you go to you can get your very own pair of Ugg Boots!!   Use coupon code 1156CRAFTY for a special 10% discount for my readers!  How awesome is that? 


  1. Those Uggs look great...are you going to be getting the glitter Ugg's that were on Oprah's favorite things..I am debating it, I think it would be great to wear with dresses, or leggings!

  2. I hear you and Uggs are so cute. I wear Keene's but they aren't really cute, just functional.

  3. @Hot Pink Dahlia - As much as I LOVE those glitter Uggs, I just don't think I could pull them off. :)