May 25, 2010

Estate Sale Score!

Pin It Now! Mr. Crafty and I daydream about the houses in our neighborhood.  We currently live in a tiny, I mean teeny tiny, condo.  The homes that surround our complex are simply amazing.  They are large, spacious, but still modestly-sized.  They have shutters and big front yards, colorful front doors and big garages.  Everything we wish of our dream home. 

We love to walk the dogs down that street and dream of what it would be like to own one of those homes and fill it with our favorite things. 

So you can just imagine my surprise when I saw that one of them was open for an estate sale!  On Sunday, after making my weekly trip to JoAnn's I stopped in to check out the house, and the goods of course. 

The owner of the home had a large sewing room with a walk-in closet filled with fabrics and about 100 patterns from 1970 or older.  Most of her fabrics were polyester blends, um, not really my style, but I did manage to score some broadcloth and interfacing for just pennies. 

She also had a cute little glass jar for notions, which I swooped up and
quickly filled with my favorite colored buttons. 

In their large formal dining room sat this beautiful candleabra.  I couldn't believe that with all the people there no one grabbed, so I quickly snuck it in my basket. 

This little darling has a date with some spray paint in it's near future.

I also managed to get a set of six lemon yellow cloth dinner napkins and a *new* stainless steel tea kettle.  Success!

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