May 10, 2010

New {Big} Project Photos

Pin It Now! We bought a 1971 Volkswagen Bus Westfalia!  We are so excited to take on this project together as a couple.  We've been wanting a project to work on - something we can do together.  This definitely fits the bill.   

This is the first picture of her the day after we brought her home.  
She's really dirty and in need of some love. 
But she drives like an absolute dream and has SO much potential!

All Jerry Garcia and peace sign stickers are still intact. Those will be peeled off soon. :)
However, this peace sign came with the Bus and it will be staying. 

We have some big restoration projects ahead of us.  Our plan is to restore this Bus to it's original condition a la 1971. 

It's a dark green color, so we'll be painting the bottom a fresh coat of green paint and the top a creamy vanilla-esque or white color.   This is still a decision Mr. Crafty and I have yet to agree on.  The back seats have been recently reupholstered, so we will be replacing the front seats and updating the seat belts. 

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