October 17, 2009

101 Goals in 1001 Days

Pin It Now! I have very big goals, and I am always jotting them down on a notepad, my hand, the back of receipts in my car, of my Notes app on my iPhone.  In order to keep my goals organized so that I can more easily achieve them, I've decided to start my own 101 Goals in 1,001 Days list. 
My Goal End Date is July 15, 2012.  Seems like a long ways away, but I have 1,001 goals to achieve!  I need to start moving!!

Start a family
My dog, Ruby, earns her canine good-citizen award
My dog, Finley, earns his canine good-citizen award
My dog, Blue Bear earns his canine good-citizen award
Ruby becomes a therapy dog
Create a family tree for my mother’s side
Create a family tree for my father’s side

Home Improvement
Completely re-organize office
Completely re-organize craft area
Install closet organizers in office closet
Re-tile bathroom
Replace bathroom counter top
Replace kitchen countertop
Find art for living room wall
Grow a garden in the backyard
Buy new patio furniture
Buy a deck storage box
Build a deck
Clean out storage unit
Make emergency kits for both cars
Make emergency kit for house
Paint dining room table

Save $10,000
Open an ING account
Pay off Volkswagen
Prepay 20% of school loan balance
Increase credit score by 10%

Accumulate 300 volunteer  hours
Lose 40 pounds
Successfully plan my high school reunion
Grow hair out at least 6 inches
Read both of Barack Obama’s books
Become a Big Sister
Learn how to knit
Learn how to sew
Buy a sewing machine
Obtain 100 followers on my blog
Start a dog blog
Watch all X-Files episodes
Get my nose pierced
Run a marathon
Go without soda for 60 days
Run an 8-minute mile
Learn how to make blog backgrounds
Read all Daniel Quinn books
Upgrade to iPhone 3Gs
Buy Canon/Nikon SLR Camera
Buy video camera
Make throw pillows for living room
Get Lasik eye surgery
Buy a new laptop
Learn how to take great photos
Learn to sew a skirt
Get a new tattoo
Go sky diving
Take a pottery class
Keep a journal
Be polite to sales clerks
Go on a picnic
Buy designer shoes
Make a quilt for my future child
Learn to build my own website
Learn how to use PhotoShop
Create “homework help” social network
Print out important digital pictures
Send out birthday cards to every family member
Make my own birthday and holiday cards
Volunteer for Obama campaign in 2012
Return library books on time for full 365 days
Write a novel
Learn how to rock climb
See Lion King on stage
Go paintballing
Meet Bill Maher

Travel to Japan
Travel to Italy
Travel to the Netherlands
Travel to US Virgin Islands
Travel to Maine in the fall
Travel to Saskatchewan
Travel to Victoria, BC
Travel to Egypt
Go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
Buy a pop up trailer
Visit distant relatives in Sweden
Spend New Years in New York City
Go to Bonneville Hot Springs
Go canoeing
Go to Chelsea Lately taping
Cruise to Alaska
Cruise to Bahamas
Swim with dolphins
Go grape stomping in Napa
Go horse back riding

Education & Career
Receive my Bachelor’s degree
Get a job at my dream company
Begin work on my Master’s degree
Reopen Ruby’s online store
Build a new business plan
Earn Women's Studies award at school
Earn Asian Studies award at school


  1. Very impressive list! That's a great idea - to make an actual list and set an actual timeline. Good luck to you!

    Over from SITS

  2. I have been working on my list for a while...but feel like I need a new start on many of the items on my list. Tonight I am going through and editing the list. My new deadline is July 16, 2012. :-)

  3. It looks a very expensive list, good luck though!

  4. Very inspiring! I'm in the midst of writing my own :)