October 16, 2009

To Paint, or Not to Paint

Pin It Now! My name is Jeni, and I own an ugly dining room table.  I have to admit, it was a great Craigslist find.  But now I'm tired of it.  So I have a decision to make...

All of our wood furniture is light like this table.  I want something that stands out of our sea of light woods, and thought it'd be great to paint this boring table black. 

What do you think?

(don't mind the tiny dog...)


  1. Black, I think it would be beautiful black. So I vote "yes" for "to paint"! :) HAppy Saturday from Sits!

  2. oooh, yes I think it would be more dramatic if it were painted!

  3. Black would be great, and is a surprisingly easy color to do. My non-crafty self even painted a coffee table once!