November 13, 2009

Craft Ideas Needed!

Pin It Now! My friend Ellen over at To The Max has asked my crafty friends for some help.  She is looking for some kid-friendly craft ideas that can be done at home with items most people already have around their house.

If you'd like to participate, leave a comment or link with your craft idea.  She will give you and/or your blog full credit, too!  Thanks Crafties!



    This craft uses old t-shirts or towels you might have around the house. It's time-consuming, but it's very easy.

  2. I can suggest a few!
    1. Pinatas. (there are a bazillion blogs out there covering these). I have made these with kids aged preschool and up. I use the flour and water recipe and add a bunch of cinnamon to make it smell nice. It's messy but so much fun.

    2. Toilet paper roll crafts.

    3. I sew, so since my daughter was 7 we made drawstring bags out of old tea-towels and t-shirts. At 9 she "advanced" to the machine and made a pyramid bag. It is small enough to use bits of fabric but I guess not many people have a bunch of extra zippers lying around.

    4. Origami. While most of this stuff is advanced, has some amazing projects that are simple and use old magazines and newspapers. Believe it or not, my daughter AND my not-so-nimble-fingered husband mastered the kusudama flower balls in a matter of minutes....and post-it notes are the perfect size and available in everyone's homes!

  3. Thanks, Jeni, that is so nice of you to post that! I am looking specifically for holiday crafts, this is for a project I'm working on for Nickelodeon's Parents Connect site, and it will link back to you—and it gets something like 5,000,000 visitors a month. You can also email me at! I need the following: holiday crafts, holiday cards, holiday wrapping paper, holiday stockings and holiday gifts!