November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Pin It Now! I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Eat lots of food and enjoy the company of loved ones!

I love Thanksgiving as it's a great time to reflect on what I'm truly thankful for.

  • My amazing husband who I adore and admire immensely
  • Being able to go to school and achieve the career of my dreams
  • Being able to have the time to volunteer and pursue my ultimate passion
  • My 3 healthy and amazing dogs
  • Building a great relationship with my brother
  • Having a sister that's pursuing her dream to change the lives of impoverished children
  • Having full support and love from my amazing aunt and grandparents
  • Only 7 more months until my aunt comes to live by us
  • Having the last year, albeit very difficult, to be able to build a wonderful marriage and spend quality time together
  • Incredible in-laws that are so kind, loving and generous
  • An amazing professor that is helping me build a foundation of learning that I never thought possible, and opening my mind to the world - Thank you Kim!
  • Learning to live frugally and more eco-friendly
  • Having a beautiful home of our own

What are you thankful for?

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