November 13, 2009

My Old Navy Steal

Pin It Now! Old Navy is running a great sale right now through Sunday - 50% off all Outerwear.

I bought this gorgeous wool coat

It was originally $89.50, reduced to $44.75 after 50% off.
I also had a Friends & Family Coupon for 30% off - bringing my total to $31.32.

Isn't that a great price for an adorable coat?!

1 comment:

  1. I love it! Red is HOT this year for sure! My Mom and I went everywhere 2 weeks ago searching for a red coat for her! Found one at JC Penny's for $200 and then it was on sale I think 65% off. Weird number huh? Anywho she ended up getting it SUPER cheap! I love bargain shopping!! Have a GREAT weekend!