April 26, 2009

DIY No-Sew Curtains

Pin It Now! I decided to make curtains for my office window, and I wasn't going to let my inability to sew stop me! I found this gorgeous black and white damask fabric at JoAnn's for $3 per yard, and IKEA's SY no-sew tape for $1.99 for a 33 foot package. It only took me about 40 minutes for the whole project, and that includes all the times Finley tried to pull the fabric off the ironing board!

The supplies you will need for this project:

Ironing board
No-sew or hem tape

1. Cut your fabric to size. I bought 3 yards (44" wide) to cover a 75"x 40" window.
2. Heat iron on cotton setting, or the hottest setting your fabric will allow.
3. Lay out one fabric piece along your ironing board.

4. Create a hem along the edge of your fabric about 1" wide along the entire side.

5. Insert the tape underneath your hem. Make sure to leave about 2" of tape out of the end of the fabric. You will use this to hold, to make sure you don't crease your tape to ensure the smoothest hem possible. (Also, cut the loose strings from the fabric during this step.)

6. Slowly iron along the hem starting in the middle and working out to the sides. You will want to iron over the fabric several times to ensure the tape to stick properly.
7. Do this for all sides.
8. If you want to create a loop to slide the curtain rod through the fabric, the you will need to create a fold at the top of the curtain. I used curtain clips, so I did not need to create a final loop. But this is up to you and how you prefer your curtain to hang.
9. Again, create a crease with the iron. Insert the tape along the bottom of the hem and iron.


I decided to tie back the curtains with a green ribbon that matched the walls. I think they're pretty cute, don't you? :)

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  1. I love your cute blog! These curtains are amazing. I think I'm set for now, but if I ever decide to change things up, this is right up my non-sewing alley.