April 7, 2009

Silliest Dog Award

Pin It Now! Since I talk about my dogs so often, I might as well give them each their own post!

Finley wins the silliest dog award. He is our six-month old mutt that we love more than anything. He is the laziest puppy we have ever met. We have been taking him to the dog park this week now that he has all of his vaccines, and he'll run for a few feet and stop and pant. He's kind of like an old man in a fat, stubby-legged little package.

We got Finley off Craigslist in January on Neil's birthday. For some insane reason, we thought that a third dog would be a good idea. What the heck were we thinking??!! But he's such a great addition, and he's so small that he doesn't take up too much more room in the bed.

He's learned sit, and how to ring the bells at the door when he wants to go outside. He's obsessed with food and treats, and will take your hand off if he doesn't get his food fast enough! We recently took him to the vet because he had some rib cage issues from being the runt of the litter, and being carried (improperly) by a toddler early in his life. When we asked the vet if we should worry about him being so slow and lazy, she looked at us as if we were crazy. But sure enough, he made us eat our words. Literally the next day after his vet visit he started running and playing, chewing up toys and rough-housing with his big brother. Now we have a sometimes crazy, mostly lazy little puppy.

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