April 7, 2009

Hi and Hello!

Pin It Now! Welcome to my blog! After talking about starting one forever, I finally have. I'm currently under-going major home redecorating on the cheap, so you'll be able to follow my journey of coupon clipping and thrifty shopping. I love to create and craft, so I'm fairly resourceful when it comes to making my own items. And I love anything used!! Goodwill Outlet is my sanctuary and I can spend hours on end there. I put on my gloves and I'm ready to dig!

I am a full-time student earning my degree in social services. I spend my time enjoying life with my husband and dogs, decorating my home, crafting, and basically creating a giant mess of trying to figure out the next project to work on. I am also coupon savvy, and love to share my couponing ways with friends and fellows thrifties.

I don't work right now, so I'm loving using my time to come up with fun projects to work on to beautify my home.

As for my couponing, I love to share my ideas with other frugal ladies. I am currently using The Grocery Game - which I HIGHLY recommend! I usually get a full week's (plus more!) groceries for about 60% or more off the marked price. And it's easy. I'll be posting more about my awesome shopping trips, so you may want to stick around. :)

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